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Xender for PC Windows is the ideal choice for all those android users who are looking for best quality transmission app to help them transfer files with blazingly fast speed. In fact, this app allows its users to transfer files from one android device to another without requiring any of the usual connectivity options such as 3G, Wi-Fi, or even something as basic as a SIM card. Therefore, it can be the best option for transferring files without costing anything for mobile traffic.

Xender for PC Windows allows for unbelievably fast transmission speed, which can even cross the stratospheric levels of 4 MB per second. Thus, it becomes possible for users of this app to transfer large files such as entire movies in under a minute. Moreover, it provides support for practically every file type and format such as photos, movies, apps, and much more.

This app proves to be perfect for uploading or downloading files from mobile devices to PCs over a wireless connection, without the need of any USB connectivity for file transfer. Presence of certain neat features such as using Bluetooth for adding any invite, or the slide image share option makes this app even more desirable. Thus, it is ideal for transferring files and is available at bluestack emulator.

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