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It is needless to say that in today’s era we are very much dependent upon internet. This is the reason perhaps that a great many developers are slowly coming up with software’s that would keep us just a click away from the same. One such unique application is Pokki. With the advancement of technology, as utilities have started opting for cloud integration, people have realized the need for applications which would help them keep in touch with things on the go, all the time. It is here that software’s like Pokki score.

Imagine having all your web applications pinned to your Windows taskbar! Wouldn't it be something? Well, Pokki does just that. It is an application developed on the Chromium framework, allowing the users to pin their favorite web applications to the taskbar and manage things right from the same. The best thing about these pinned apps is the fact that they would let us know of the notifications and the unread items as well. This is what makes Pokki a useful software by all means. Few of the web apps which can be grouped under the same, include Gmail, Twitter, Headlines, Facebook, eBay, Wall Street Journal, Living Social and Groupie.

The best thing about Pokki is the fact that you wouldn't need to install unwanted apps on your taskbar. The software would allow you to download the app set which you constantly use and install it. Pinning the same to the taskbar would help you keep a watch on things and manage your accounts at ease. It is true that the software is still in its infancy, yet it charms us with its unmatched performance. At present, Pokki is only available for Windows 7 platform. It may not be something very big but manages to make an impression. The software is well designed and does its work pretty well.

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