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Focus Booster is a time management software with a difference. It is meant for those who wish to finish their work in time and yet fail to do so. Focus Booster constantly reminds them of the time passing by and hence, helps them finish the work faster or within the stipulated time-frame  It is a free tool and can be used by all. The software allows you to install Adobe Air, which in turn lets you run web based programs on your desktop minus any open browser.

Focus Booster is more of a widget or an application which simply makes life easier for us. It is based on the ‘Pomodoro technique’ and helps you focus on a single task at hand. The app is well designed and boasts of a neat interface. The best thing about Focus Booster is the fact that it can be programmed to specify breaks and has an alarm to let you know when the time is up. So, what does one do to start using the application? Well, Focus Booster is a very small software of about 1.97 MB and once installed, would let you set the session length, break length, ticking sound and alarm.

Focus Booster is meant for those people who get easily distracted. It is an easy solution for people to focus on the work at hand. The software works wonders on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms and is a treat all the more, if you have Adobe Air installed on your system. The unobtrusive design, changing color of the timer, sound settings and the sleek look makes Focus Booster a good software by all standards. The software is not high on features, but does its basic job pretty well, one for which it has been designed. This is what makes it an amazing software and land into the good books of the people.

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