Download DU Battery Saver and Widgets for PC Windows

DU Battery Saver and Widgets for PC Windows can be the ideal app for making android device batteries last longer by up to 50%. This app provides excellent control capabilities to its users, which saves a lot of juice by activating the battery power management modes. Thus, users of this tool can keep their device running even when faced with power charging facilities, or battery hogging apps and settings.

DU Battery Saver and Widgets for PC Windows allows its users to create their own energy saving modes to manage the power consumption on their android devices in the most effective manner. Moreover, users can opt to prevent power consuming background apps from functioning by using the widget for optimizing performance with a single-touch boost. Moreover, it helps in prolonging the life of the battery by following healthy battery charging pattern.

This app provides its users with helpful estimation of the charge remaining on their devices by showing it in terms of both percentage and time remaining. It also clears power-draining apps automatically with an option for including important apps in the Ignore List. It also saves much power by reducing the processor speed on the android devices. Thus, android device users concerned about excessive power consumption should definitely get this app from bluestack emulator.

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