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Ringing of bells and clocks is no more remained a pleasant experience giving means. It is very much required to know about the passage of each second and minutes. While being busy in our tedious job we often forget about the time. This makes the disturbances in our daily routine. We need such a clock which not only shows the time but also tell the ending of the time period.  Cuckoo is software which shows time as well as rings a chime sound in the interval of every five minutes.

Most of the watch when rings the bell increases the tensions and nervousness in the person. While Cuckoo sounds like cuckoo with sweet sounds.  This software when rings the chime sounds it takes away all tensions and nervousness from the person’s mind and gives ultimate freshness to the people. Extreme peace of mind we get when the chime of this software rings. You can set any pleasant chime of your choice.

Cuckoo is a software application which not only shows the time but rings a pleasant chime sound which brings the concentration to the mind. Cuckoo software is an independent software and do not requires any plug-ins or any supporting software to install it. It is made compatible for all versions of Windows and mobiles. It can be customised as per the requirement of the user. If you want the chime sound to ring after every one hour or 30 minutes then this software can be customised very easily. The layout and design of Cuckoo software is very attractive. The cuckoo like toy bird comes out and makes chime sound. This thing seems so realistic that it makes you to forget you all your burdens and troubles at work and makes you to refresh to start your work once again with lot of freshness.