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WebEx PCNow is a Windows remote access software that allows the user to establish a secure connection to a home or an office computer with the help of a computer connected to the internet. It also provides 5 GB of free, online backup to protect the user’s files.

This software offers various remote access software functionalities like remote printing, remote audio, multi-monitor support and webcam control. Using the file sync and sharing options, the user can share files between the local and the remote computer. The user can also connect Outlook mail via this software which truly makes the on-the-go experience work for the user. With proper authentication, the software can access the user’s remote computer even past the firewalls that may be in place. However, this is not done on the expense of security. High level of protection is guaranteed to the user by means of Phone authentication, Application control and Inactivity time-out.

The WebEx PCNow website is very informative and helpful. It offers FAQs section along with a manual and a wide searchable knowledge base. It also comes in a handy iPhone application which helps the user stay connected to their remote computer on-the-go. It is a software which has tons of features loaded into the same and is worth having a look into.

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