Download VPNBook

VPN or Virtual Private Networks offer remote access to employees to their office based systems. VPNBook strives to secure the remote connection and prevent hackers from listening into the medium. This is especially important for wireless connections where tracking becomes an issue.

VPNBook works with any of the two clients – the default PPTP VPN client and even the OpenVPN Client which is a free software. The default client is built into most popular operating systems of today’s world. However the advantage of downloading OpenVPN is that it does not suffer from being blacklisted from certain ISPs. So the user has to make a choice based on his environment and requirements specifications. VPNBook allows existing clients to connect to a new user thus preventing it from being over intrusive.

The drawbacks include lack of transparency regarding the underlying cryptographic algorithm in use, lack of geographical diversity and a rather cumbersome installation process. The installation required knowledge of the working of a PPTP VPN client. Overall the software ignores advanced features but gets its basics right.  It secures data transfers, provides anonymity to enable bypassing of firewalls and changes to region based sites based on the user’s current geographical location. All this makes VPNBook a software worth laying hands upon.