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Microsoft has launched its new flowchart software, Visio. In terms of features, tools and software design, this particular software has basic as well as pro features. Visio boasts of amazing diagramming tools. It is different from other flowchart software’s because of its master shapes tool. It means that when you make a shape with defined properties, you make the other shapes based on the first master shape. So, when you change the properties of the master, the change is directly applied to all the other shapes that were formed based on the master shape.

There is more to Visio. Connectors can be loaded as a straight line or a curve and can also be added manually at any given point in the flowchart. The gallery has shapes that can be inserted as boxes in the flowchart. Upon completion, the flowchart can be stored in various formats like HTML, PDF, other popular image formats, and also in SVG, AutoCAD and EMF formats. Visio includes a certain chart organization tool called as Containers. The workspace for the flowchart also increases automatically as new shapes are added giving the user unlimited space to work.

The software offers about 16 graphic styles and templates that can be inserted in the flowchart. It also offers the option to preview these styles before applying them. Graphic styles, backdrops and color schemes can be custom changed. The styles of the connectors are also customisable. The entire software is very user friendly and helps in hassle free flowchart making.

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