Download v-TubeLoader

v-TubeLoader is a free application for watching online videos. This application has been an enterprise of Akidthaine Software org. This can be aptly used for sites like Yahoo, Meta Cafe, Google, Daily Motion AOL, and MySpace. The multi-tab browser which it has lets the user toggle between all the video sites to find all the best videos available.

The’ Add Favorite’ feature that it has, saves all the best videos according to the user. This feature enables the user to save time because every time he/she wants to watch the desired video, he/she need not have to undergo the search process all over again. In the options feature, the user can successfully select which sites are to be displayed on start-up and searches. This feature filters off the less desired and less preferred sites to the more preferred and desired ones.

The language prevalent in this application is English therefore giving it a more universal appeal. V-TubeLoader software is approx. 3.07 MB in size and it runs on all versions of windows. It is a speed efficient application and therefore the videos selected to be watched do not take much buffering time. It is a lightweight and extremely user friendly application which can be used by anybody.

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