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Patch My PC is a software utility that claims to help you update the software applications in your PC without much of a hassle. The tool claims to automatically check the current version of software applications installed in your system and initiate an update process to ensure that the version of software installed in your system is updated to the latest version. You can use this tool to automatically update your Oracle Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, Shockwave, Air, Skype, Mozilla Firefox, Apple iTunes, Google Chrome, QuickTime, etc.

The utility is of small size and besides does not involve an installation process, which makes it easily portable. In other words, once downloaded, you can automatically start using the tool to update the software in your system. The tool is integrated with an Explorer style interface, which makes it easy to use and familiar to implement. All the applications that are supported are made available as a list with color coding to indicate those that have updates available. There is also a Console tab in which you can add all the programs that you want to be automatically updated by this tool, whenever there are available updates, by checking the boxes provided as a list. You can also select programs that you don’t want to be automatically updated.

The tool is also integrated with an uninstaller function and a startup manager feature. You can also use this tool to check for any Windows updates for your system. The tool also offers another important feature that helps you identify outdated applications in your system. With this tool, you will be able to automatically uninstall these programs and install the latest or updated version of the software. This tool claims to be an efficient and reliable mechanism to ensure that your system is always updated with the latest software versions. This free to use software can be implemented in all Windows platforms.

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