Download Microsoft Reader Update

Microsoft Reader Update is a standardization of the previous reader software brought to the market by Microsoft. This reader program makes the reading experience of the on screen user almost the same as reading a printed book.  In addition to providing this experience, this tool also provides many other features which ultimately help the user to improve their reading ability and efficiency.

This tool adds active reading habits to the user through its well thought design and purpose.  It provides instant access to content by a powerful and standard search window.  There is also a personal library which allows the user to personalize the reading preference and having their own privacy over content.  There are additional features such as high resolution display of the documents in the best possible manner through the cleartype technology. The tool is built with an add-on dictionary which has the standard definitions already defined with provision to append content.  There are provisions for Bookmarking, highlighting and annotating the contents of display. These editing features allow you to prioritize reading during multiple breaks.

The tool also allows you make notes and comments during your reading and also enables you to draw using basic software tools. The update version of this reader includes an important security update that provides patches to the known vulnerabilities found in the Microsoft reader. The update version has new and tested security architecture quite different from the previous reader version. As expected, this reader tool works on all Microsoft operating system flavors including the latest Windows 8.

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