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WhereIsIt Portable is a software application meant for helping its users in accessing a variety of drives including CDs, DVDs, floppies, Disk drives, and any other media that the computer may recognize as a drive. A database tool helps its users in searching and adding items from your digital collection by categorizing and including them in catalogs. Thus, WhereIsIt Portable can be a handy tool for those may happen to have enormous amount of data on various removable drives.

This software does not backup the data or archive it, which allows for rapid cataloging of various items including large media files. WhereIsIt Portable can recognize almost any drive including the ones not currently attached to the system. The portable nature of this software allows it to run from a variety of removable storage devices such as thumb-drives and others that are compatible with any windows system.

The software provides its users with the options of adding and removing items from catalogs, editing them, and categorizes the entire digital collection according to the preferences of the users. A well-designed toolbar makes it extremely easy for the user to choose from the various options that this software provide. This software is compatible with Windows 2003, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 OS. WhereIsIt Portable can be the ideal tool for people who may have lost track of all their digital data and wish to categorize them properly.

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