USB Floppy Enabler

Download USB Floppy Enabler

USB Floppy Enabler is a product designed because of the necessity of users caused by technological advancement. Developed by PACE anti-piracy systems, this enabler tool is a gift to the users of Interlock anti-piracy products, specialized in protecting, distributing as well as selling software. This software, when installed in a system not having floppy drives, behaves as a software tool and a hardware driver for the floppy disk. This is an extremely important requirement in the case of those applications which have a dependency on the floppy disk driver

The magic this enabler tool provides is that it links old and new technology in a seamless manner, that too with great cost effectiveness. Once you install this enabler in your system, this tool starts considering the USB drive as a floppy device. The tool acts as the floppy driver through its software service and redirects all calls to and from any application expecting the floppy drive. This has become extremely important in case of systems developed on the MAC model, where the floppy drives are completely ignored in its design.

This enabler tool is a blessing in case of legacy applications still dependent on floppy drives for both inputs and outputs. We can confidently decide that the PACE’s innovation with this enabler has averted a major reengineering expense on the hardware and software arena. This also ensures that all the legacy products still dependent on the floppy drives continue to execute without any issues.