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Users often complain about their PCs underperforming but seldom try to find out the real reason behind it. The problem most of the time tends to be because of the presence of unneeded programs eating up the system’s memory space and processing speed. The SlimComputer software literally helps in slimming down a computer by removing unnecessary bulk from its memory space. It achieves so by removing toolbars, adware, trialwares, unsolicited startup entries, and various other unwanted items from its users’ PCs.

Users can utilize the cloud technology, as well as, community feedback to receive recommendations regarding which programs are likely to be unneeded for their PCs. The SlimComputer application offers customized recommendations to its users after evaluating items present on their PCs. In fact, this tool provides extensive information regarding the programs, toolbars, and other items present in their system, which might be hindering optimum performance.

SlimComputer software catalogues each new toolbar or program added to its users’ computer almost instantly. Users can also share information with others, as well as, receive recommendations from other members of the community regarding various items present on their PCs. Finally, this tool provides a highly centralized dashboard for accessing all of its powerful features, which are capable of restoring any of the disabled programs or toolbars with a single click.

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