Microsoft Windows RT

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What is Windows RT? Basically, it is much like Windows 8, without actually being the same. It is a limited capacity Operating System which looks and feels like the Windows 8, but is different in its own way. It is aimed at the people who wish to make their Smartphone's flaunt the Windows 8 Metro look without actually draining the batteries of all the power. Hence, it is a power saver version of the same although lacking some of the compatibility of the much in buzz, Windows 8 platform. The OS has a built-in Microsoft Office 2013 package and is good for all the touchscreen portable devices which are powered by the ARM processor.

The Windows RT closely resembles the look of the stalwart Windows 8 platform and replaces the traditional taskbar with the latest Metro UI. The different color schemes on offer change the look of the desktop by replacing the wallpaper behind and the color scheme of the UI itself. The SkyDrive, Microsoft's version of cloud solution would allow you to keep your files at your fingertips all the time. For those who are not very keen to use the new UI and instead prefer the classic Windows functions, they can always opt for the Windows 7 like desktop built inside the same. The drag and drop feature still finds its place in the interface and so does DOS prompt.

Hence, Windows RT is more of a culmination of your PC and portable device. It boasts of the touch enabled Microsoft surface which is the talking point of 2013. While the OS is no match for Windows 8, it still has enough juice to out perform even a tablet running on the famed Android 4.1 OS Jelly Bean or the iOS v6.0. Apart from all this, the OS can run two applications simultaneously in split-screen mode. Finally, Windows RT includes most of the positives of Windows 8 and works smooth on any touch enabled device. It's cross breed icons, widgets and UI make it a fun OS to work upon.