Download Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer for PC Windows

The main function of Memory Booster- RAM optimizer for PC Windows is to enhance speed of the computer. It shows the real time RAM usage. This app has task killer and cache cleaner. There is auto boost and garbage collector. There are two different list, the white list and the ignore list.

The application supports a number of languages such as Korean, Chinese, English, Italian, Russian, French and German. The system run is determined by the free memory level. A live chart is also provided to show how the memory changes in the system.

Memory Booster rescues the PC from slow running and at the same time recovers memory by killing different running tasks. There are three different memory boosting level namely general, optimum and the ultimate. This could be chosen on the basis of personal memory need. With Auto Boost Threshold you can set a memory free at a minimum level. The Boost interval comes with time interval.

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