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Users of the Aro 2013 software will be able to witness a significant change in the performance of their PCs because of the multiple cleanups undertaken by this tool. It scans its users’ computers to find all the junk files, as well as, spot all the broken or missing Registry keys, and areas vulnerable to security threats. Thus, users can rest assure that their PC’s performance will become optimized post adoption of this tool.

Aro 2013 program takes an extremely comprehensive approach while scanning its users’’ PCs. It goes through all the file locations including the browser temp folders for Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Chrome, as well as, the other usual suspects including temp system icons, cached files, shortcuts, old error logs, and the Recycle Bin. Thus, this tool makes sure that it reveals a high percentage of junk files to its users.

The Registry Cleaner feature on Aro 2013 application provides the same comprehensive scanning of the system for spotting broken and missing Registry keys. Moreover, this tool prefers to err on the safe side to provide maximum possible performance enhancement to its users. In addition, the Security scanner feature helps its users in maintaining optimum security level on their computers. Therefore, this tool takes care of most, if not all, of the features that can cause a PC to underperform.

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