Download SLR: Scheduler Launcher Recorder

In general cases, it often happens that people miss the desired programs for being busy, and in such cases, it is essential to have some medium that can record the favorite programs. Now, in the world of podcast, it is not an easily available option to get such software that can automatically record programs, however, with SLR: Scheduler Launcher Recorder from the house of Perfect Systems, it is not a tough task at all.

This software can wake up a computer and start recording sound clips. It can also launch programs and record those. This software helps the user to pre-schedule a record from a podcast, and then record it accordingly. This software can connect the computer to various websites automatically. The interface of this SLR: Scheduler Launcher Recorder software is extremely simple to understand for even the first time users. The software is entirely free for use. The user interface of this software is exceedingly simple to understand for anyone.

The user can use this SLR: Scheduler Launcher Recorder software independently or can use it with the help of RadioSure. The software is compatible with different versions of Windows Operating System. All these facilities make this software an automatic choice for the users of podcasting software.

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