Download Shutdown Utility

The mechanism of Shutdown Utility has a prime role to play in matters of handling its own job and it offers not much of convenience over the Windows built-in workability. The Shutdown Utility is aimed in performing three basic jobs. This you can do just with a single click. With the utility, you can shut down the PC, you can log off instantly and you can even cause a rebooting. The program does not have a traditional interface. It comes in shape of a small box which serves as the principal window and in the course it will only offer buttons for the completion of the above mentioned tasks.

With this utility, you can save an amount of time and it has to be installed either on the task bar or on the system tray icon. You have to install the utility within the system folder at the best desired location. This makes rebooting and accessing of the Start Menu all so easy.

The installing and the applicability of the Shutdown Utility will not cost you much. However, the utility is not available with gamut of benefits. Thus, before accessing of the same you can make sure and then opt for the sort of functionality.

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