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SHAREit for PC Windows provides the fastest way imaginable for android users to share files such as photos, apps, and much more across devices without requiring Wi-Fi connection or incurring network charges. This app eliminates the needs of having pesky wires all thanks to its enhanced wireless file transfer technology. Thus, users get to share a wide variety of contents such as pictures, music files, videos, contacts, documents, and even apps with other devices with utmost of ease and convenience.

SHAREit for PC Windows is capable of finding other devices with it installed if they happen to be within a certain range. Moreover, it provides much faster rate of transfer compared to Bluetooth while connecting directly without requiring any active phone or Wi-Fi network. This method of file transfer is particularly useful for transferring very large files, which may take very long time using other methods such as Bluetooth or cost much in the way of phone network tariffs.

This app is capable of providing its users with group share feature, which they can use to link up to 5 devices simultaneously. This app is also perfect for use as a cross-platform transmission tool. Therefore, it is ideal for transferring large files in an efficient manner, and is available at bluestack app player.

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