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SEO SpyGlass is an extremely well-organized SEO app that unveils the backlink sources on the Web by keeping an eye on competing sites. Effective link building strategy is among its best features which makes the software unique.

At first, a complete back link structure is depicted on a particular website & then SEO value is depicted by examining the source’s domain age, social media popularity etc. Likewise this tool helps to specify 40 parameters. SEO SpyGlass obtains data directly from the search engine’s hidden source. This feature is totally unique and new because other SEO apps use a self-compiled database. There are several search engines in the market that never disclose more than 1,000 links, but SEO SpyGlass have the capability to unveil 100,000 backlinks to a particular website. SEO Success Blueprint is also produced that provides an efficient link building campaign for the user’s site. The entire feature needed for a successful link building venture could be provided through this software.

Several other features include insertion of the company's logo, add or remove data, change the colour. Reports can be placed on autopilot with the help of the advanced Scheduler feature. Those are then auto-saved in a variety of formats, emailed, printed out or even uploaded to the user’s website. SEO SpyGlass is well-matched with every latest Windows OS.

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