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Wilmington-based ROGO was started in 2008 by entrepreneur David Shucavage and software developer Cyrus Chipman. The company provides low-price video surveillance software using regular web cameras connected to a personal computer. The software runs on Windows-based computers and can make use of a camera connected via an IP based camera or USB.

After connecting to a remote server, the software gets around firewalls and can be used in home Internet connections that do not comprise a static IP address. This software operating on the user’s personal computer connects to the server so that the data is transmitted out of the user’s connection. The website that displays the images is easily viewable on any Internet enabled cell phone, such as a Blackberry or an iPhone, without any special software. Shucavage comments that their still image advance eliminated the need for plug-ins or targeting specific cell phone manufacturers.

Moreover, the software connects to a remote server, hosted by ROGO, for allowing authorized users to have access to the images by a remote web browser or a cell phone with an Internet connection. The software is different from traditional video monitoring as it transmits still pictures at a pre definite rate instead of video streams. This software is compatible with windows XP, Vista, 7 and also with the latest windows 8.

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