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Quick Hide IP Platinum is an application, which makes browsing secure. Generally the IP address of each system is unique and by the help of it anyone can track the user’s internet activities and reach out to him/her. This application protects the user’s online identity and makes the IP address invisible thus making the web surfing anonymous.

This application first provides proxy servers. Every IP address provided there is 100% usable, secure and anonymous. It supports both http and https. This will mask the user’s original location and will display a fake location. This actually happens as the websites visited by the user gets the IP address of the proxy server instead of the original one. This application is fully compatible with all the widely used browsers. There is no complication involved while changing the browser proxy settings.

Quick Hide IP Platinum switches the IP in every ten minutes making it almost impossible to track the user. This application implements advanced proxy list testing, management, and sorting. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 ; any of the operating systems mentioned here is compatible with this application. This interface of this application is very simple. It consumes very low space in the drive in which it is to be installed.

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