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The Prime-for-excel is a stupendous efficacy software and is worth the price of the complete utility set. It is so delightful that you will be obsessed by this. This efficient work piece provides you your key working document precisely on your menu bar with just a single click. This also gives you the prospect to organize this list automatically. You can classify files and add them also if you wish to. One important feature is that you can display the list as a menu or toolbar.

The Prime WorkBar supports a spacious range of file formats. It also launches a files parent submission for you automatically. So you also don’t need to limit your Excel documents on your Excel Workbar. Be it a toolbar, menu bar or a shortcut menu; you can easily locate, evaluate and also modify the control buttons on your Excel command bar exactly as your work demands.

Ideal for Windows 7 platform, Prime-For-Excel can help change the following command control properties: Caption, Description Text, Macro, Tooltip Text, FaceID, Style and Begin group. What Excel can present you is duly portrayed by this software; it can alphabetically sort the command bar’s list. It also displays separate command bar type animatedly. Its wide features allow handling multiple command bars with the same name.

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