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Power Resumes is a standard resume writing software with a basic interface and basic features. It allows the candidates to create their own resumes with simple tools.

Power Resumes has a few editing and formatting features. It enables the user to create either Chronological Resumes or Functional Resumes. There are around 340 fonts that are available in the program. This software also offers nearly 50 sample resumes for the user to work with. The program also mentions the availability of sample cover letters that can be attached to the finished resumes. The software also offers a number of templates that the user can begin their work with.

Power Resumes allows the user to burn their completed resume to a CD and label it accordingly. The software also offers the user the option to email their resume as a PDF file. Apart from all this, the software allows the user to publish their resume as a webpage as well. The software doesn't have much to offer in terms of new features, but scores in terms of quality performance. All this makes Power Resumes a keenly sought after resume writing software. It is one of those software’s which is worth the money that you shell on the same.