Download Pod Photo Transfer

Pod Photo Transfer software is useful for the users of iPod and iPhone in getting pictures stored in these devices transferred to their computers with a better native resolution. This professional image recovery software can be the perfect tool for transferring a large number of images from an iPhone or iPod to the computer in quick time. The users can opt for transferring images individually from their iPod or iPhone to the computer, or transfer all the images without affecting the original images stored in those devices.

The standard output for display on any iPod is usually in the 320x240 format. However, every picture that any users save on their iPhone or iPod can be in 4 to 6 different formats for their storage. Thus, users may prefer to view their pictures on formats other than the standard since it is quite small for viewing on devices with larger screen dimension.

This software can help them in viewing those images in a native resolution of 720x480 by decoding the iPod’s TV output images. Users can keep the original pictures nicely sorted in different albums on their iPod or iPhone while transferring those images to their computer. Pod Photo Transfer does not affect those albums and can transfer large number of photos quite efficiently. Moreover, this software can save the date and time of capture of any photo in its file name. Thus, it can be quite useful for the iPod and iPhone users.


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