Download PNG PSD Viewer

PNG PSD Viewer is software for opening Photoshop files in psd format and viewing png images as well. This graphic and web design software is available free of charge, and can be the perfect solution for those who do not have the appropriate applications for viewing various image file extensions such as psd and png. However, this software can also function as an extremely handy tool for designing and presentation of web templates. Thus, they can be useful for the graphic and web designers as well.

The user interface of PNG PSD Viewer is extremely easy to navigate for the users. The users need to open any one image in the requisite format from any folder and drag it to the interface of this software. They can then view bother folders in the png or psd format that are there within that folder in a sequential manner by using the navigational or hotkeys.

This software works efficiently as a photo viewer as well. The users are able to zoom in and out of the image, or make it to fit into a window. They can also rotate the images in both the clockwise and counter-clockwise directions according to their need. It also works fine as a file format convertor. Thus, users can convert currently viewed psd or png files as JPEG, BMP, or GIF images. The simplicity of its use even after offering such wide variety of features makes it extremely popular among the users.


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