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Pimero is the efficient organizer and task scheduling client which can do of scheduling and managing all your appointments and meetings in a brief manner. This is a personal task manage application which could be referred to as an efficient task and event scheduling or managing software which can replace the use of many different scheduling software currently in the market. The stand-out feature or the unique selling point of this software is the most basic and simple user interface design.

Yes, the most basic and the simple interface construction is what makes this software stand-out in the current software market amidst all the other task manager and scheduling software. There is no hi-fi features that make this software a premium one, but the capability of handling lots of task and event managing comprehensively while providing a realistic, user friendly interface is what the most exclusive feature. All the major functions have been detailed under different tabs while accommodating for the contacts, tasks, notes and calendar. The calendar is one customizable feature which can be personalized and set to pop-up different events while customizing as per user requirement.

There is also reminder and search feature included in this software while being simple and easy to use is the only objective. Though the free version has certain limitations, upgrading to the pro version will provide you with more options. There is no e-mail capability built within this software which can be considered as a drawback, but one can easily open e-mails with a separate tab with the help of user defined e-mail client.


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