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Personal TaskMaster is scheduling software that has a neat and easily understandable interface. They generate reports that are easy to understand. These reports are helpful in indicating time used on a certain task or per group and much more. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can create customized headings with contact details and company information's. A simple or detailed report also indicates To-Do lists. Personal TaskMaster facilitates the user to create back ups by exporting it to XML formats.

Personal TaskMaster allocates Task lists to previously created groups and tasks. Every task has a small description and the time records the time spent on the task. With a print preview and export to Microsoft Excel option, it is always a pleasure to create neat reports. They also provide reminders which include when changes should occur and when the work hours are finished.

Personal TaskMaster has a simple and basic interface which makes it very easy to use and nearly all functions has a hot key in the menu. The Tip-Of-the-Day feature at the start up can be used to understand the application better. The application is best suited for those who want to keep an electronic diary and organizer.

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