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Partitioning a hard disk is always a good decision, as it helps in using the hard disk in an intelligent as well as effective way and helps in easy customization between different kinds of files. Partition Logic is a software utility, which is designed uniquely for this purpose. One of the greatest problems with Windows operating systems is that users cannot get all the options to create, edit or delete a partition after installing the operating system, but this software eradicates this difficulty by helping the user to create a partition exactly in the way a user wants.

This software supports MBR as well as GUID partition table. The software has a number of options relating to partitions that includes merging partitions, which means user can select two partitions and convert them into one. Changing cluster size is supported and that too with changing the formatting. Users can hide the partitions to make them secure and can explore the contents of the partitions with ease.

Partition Logic also has additional rarely used features like changing the disk type between basic and dynamic, surface test, changing the serial number of partitions etc. Though the software has expert features, but the novice users can use the most common features with ease. The software can partition all types of hard disks on all the running Windows versions.

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