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MyGreenPC Premium provides the user with a secure Windows remote access from anywhere in the world. This software uses remote desktop technology to remotely access a computer and also remotely power-on a computer system. It allows the user the access the computer in sleep, hibernation and shut down modes thereby promoting savings.

By using this software, the user can actually cut down on a lot of electricity consumption. This software also provides the user with a savings calculator that shows them the amount of electricity they have saved in terms of wattage and cash. This software provides most of the basic functions that a remote access software performs like file sharing and remote printing. MyGreenPC Premium establishes a direct connection between the local computer and the remote PC so the user has instant access to the off-site drives and folders.

This software is able to get through firewalls present on the remote computer forming a secure and protected channel of connection. The software guarantees high security via steps like multi level authentication, generation of one time passwords for users and customizable security settings. The only method that help and support can be reached is via an email query form. Hence, you can always opt for MyGreenPc Premium for your needs.

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