Download Microsoft Streets and Trips

Microsoft streets and trips is a popular travel and map software, which has caught the attention of many with its advanced features. The best part about this software is, that it is easy to be used, especially for the people who are trying to use it for the first time, as everything in this software is tagged. It also offers a GPS navigation window, which is relatively easy to be used and its tool bars and drop down menus are similar to that of other Microsoft products. The interface offered by this software is clean and the automatic rerouting feature of this product has been appreciated by the customers a lot.

Using this software, one can navigate through several maps at any given point of time, by simply selecting the “undo”, go back by clicking the back arrow, and go forward using the forward arrow. Like other travel and map software, even Microsoft offers an optional GPS locator with streets and trips. One can also scan the map using this software and have it uploaded in their required devices like cell phones, iPad's and other android devices.  One can also attach 3D pictures to the destinations on the map, which they are trying to reach, so, that they can get updated about it, once when they reach there.

Microsoft streets and trips also points out destinations like schools, hospitals, parks, temples and churches. This software has a database of 1.7 million of points of interests, which are categorized. As far as the installation of this software is concerned, there has been no such problems reported by the customers. From above it can be easily seen that, Microsoft streets and trips has everything in it, which a good travel and map software should have, and this is perhaps the reason why this product has been accepted globally by the people.

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