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The Windows software, Laplink Everywhere, gives you a great remote accessing experience. In addition to giving you a way in to your remote PC, it helps you perform your daily activities easily with great efficiency resulting in better outputs. For making it a part of your life you should have Laplink toolbar set-up on your local computer to get connected to the remote PC; or make use of any smartphone and get linked with the distant PC to look for files; or use a web browser for your Laplink login and immediately start accessing your physically inaccessible personal computer.

Laplink Everywhere happens to be a great time-saver. Its services include things like offering technical help, remote usage of Outlook and printing, transferring data and file even when you travel; and letting you bookmark web pages or files on your distant-desktop as this proffers you speedy search of the data bookmarked. Furthermore, its technology of speedsync facilitates hassle-free file transfer; it lets you transfer files even by dragging and dropping; and forwarding files become easier with its click-to-download option.

For those who do not know, it uses services like DiskImage, PCmover, Switch & Sync, PC Lock and SafeErase to give you an unproblematic and easy usage from any smartphone or any computer with internet. Laplink Everywhere assures you safe data transfer and is compatible with firewall. Laplink Everywhere offers you technical help and answers, with alternatives like live chat and FAQs.

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