Download JPG File Reduce Software

The JPG file reduce software is the basic photo size reducing operation software that is easy to use and takes less than a minute to complete the task of compressing an image file. Basically, high resolution pictures that are being taken top end cameras, take too much space to store. This software is compatible with all the Windows versions released till date like windows XP, Vista, 7 and also 8 and works at MACBOOK Air and higher OS versions.

JPG file reducing software is an expert in compressing the image file size and reducing the space required for saving it on to your computer hard disk. JPG file reducing software works like a charm in case of you are trying to reduce the file size of any picture file comprehensively and without too much hassle. Also, in case you want to share your photo in some social website platforms, long file size pictures can give you a pain in uploading. The software has been provided with a very easy to use interface, as you get too few options at your disposal.

There is an import option for pictures in a single file or in a form of folder. After the pictures have been imported, you can start compressing the file size by selecting the photos one by one. While selecting the file size you require; you will have to adjust the quality of the picture depending on your requirement. After converting, the file size reduced picture will be shown alongside the original copy for comparing the quality.

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