Download Interactive Bangaliana Dictionary

Interactive Bangaliana Dictionary usually comes with 3 sections; Bangla to English, English to Bangla and Bangla to Bangla dictionary. It is generally a kind of digital interactive dictionary for the various usage of the users. This software has near about 110,000 entries and sub entries too. Moreover, the Interactive Bangaliana Dictionary is being integrated with full English and Bangla search engines, which really helps the user to find the various words with just a single click only. The users just have typed the word they are looking for and within a second they will get the desired results.

The dictionary also has separate Bangla and English words, which are being arranged in ascending order. This Interactive Bangaliana Dictionary program has inbuilt Bangla interface and outlook, which really helps the user to enter the input various Bangla characters with the help of a mouse. Moreover, this dictionary has also other important features like the Favorites list which help the user to make a custom list of various Bangla words.

Interactive Bangaliana Dictionary also provides a detailed Bangla conjunction menu, which allows the user to create conjunction in Bangla and also the pronunciation of English words in the USA or UK style. This tool also lets the user to save the file in PDF format. The Interactive Bangaliana Dictionary is compatible with various Windows operating systems like windows 8 or windows 7/XP.

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