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Hott notes is the simple sticky notes program that comes as a freeware to the sticky note program users. Sticky notes are very helpful in keeping yourself up to date in case of each and every involvement, whether it is personal or work related. Hott Notes has to offer that same kind of up to date sticky note pad procurement, but in an advanced way. The program is very simple and efficient as you require the sticky note pad to pop up instantly.

The features that have been included in this special Hott Notes sticky note program are the ones, which distinguish this from other sticky note freeware in the market. There are some sticky note programs which have some confusing interfaces that some users cannot understand. But in case of Hott Notes, there have been included four simple tabs to define the different features- making it immensely easy to use. The first tab lets you to change the size of the pad and the font as well. The second tab can be used to change the colour of the sticky note pad.

The third tab is the most important feature of this Hott Notes program as this allows the users to change the opacity of the note, making it completely transparent if required. The last and the fourth tab make you able to set an alarm for the note to pop-up at your required timing. Though it has been demanded that through hot Notes, one can easily dram any pictures- there is no such option. Without any kind of doodling option, this program features a simple sticky note program.


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