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Hardcopy Pro is really versatile and high performer software in case you want to capture a moment from your desktop. Capturing screenshots have never been so much easy, fun and intuitive as it is with the Hardcopy Pro. Hardcopy pro can really help you to take several screenshot images with ease alongside giving you the opportunity to edit those screenshots as per your requirement.

Hardcopy pro being really versatile software, gives you opportunity to capture screenshots with utmost ease. It can capture any rectangular area from the screen and even the whole window menu, as per requirement. If you have taken a screenshot of a large window or the desktop as a whole- you can certainly crop and resize the picture as per your desire. Once you have saved the image after cropping it; you can certainly use it in different format and share it over the internet with the help of photo sharing software.

Hardcopy pro only stands out from the line because of its brilliant interpretation of image screenshot capturing for just about any size of window. Also, this software provides you a tool through which you can manage the colour depth of the screenshot that you have taken. You can even set a timer on to the software delivering a specific time frame to be captured. If you fell bothered to capture a special movie frame, while sitting in front of it holding your concentration- this software can be of immense help.

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