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Happy Harvester is a stupendous tool and the mechanism is capable of extracting all sorts of data from the kinds of texts files and web pages. With the help of the specific program, you can really pull out several images, contacts, names and details of web pages. However, the tool even makes you capable of extracting data from several offline web pages. In fact, it is a real amazement of the era. The user interface is so simple that you are sure to have complete ease in understanding regarding the functionality of the mechanism. One specification is that when trying to pull out data from the web pages, you should have a basic understanding of HTML editing.

In case you are not sure of HTML details, you can surely focus on the examples being given. The commands given are so easy to be used. The data extracted are stored in cells and even in particular rows and then the information can easily be exported and transferred to all the text report files. In fact, there is no end to the usage of the program.

With the perfect using of Happy Harvester, you can easily get hold of details like names, contacts, emails and addresses from all sources of web pages and mails.

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