GPS Track Editor

Download GPS Track Editor

GPS track Editor is a software which mainly plays the role related to GPS tracks like inspect track points, extracts the part of a track, filtering wrong points, merge different items or export GPS files into NMEA format and many more. The latest version of this software has many new features which will help you to use this tool very easily. The first and foremost thing is, get up of this application has been changed completely. In this tool, new colors have been inserted to make the track segments clearly visible on different backgrounds.

Colors can be chosen according to the average speed, altitude, maximum speed, status, acceleration etc. Even the path between two points can be distinguished by different color if it has been traversed at different times in a day. You can save the track report or part of the report as a NMEA format. Just select the track you wish to export and click File Export Track! Other than this, it is also possible to open street map as a background with the help of this software.

GPS track Editor will present every detail about the path between two points in front you. If you select any point on the path line, you can clearly see the time at which that point has been crossed and also the co-ordinate and height of the points. This great software is well-suited with all the latest Windows Operating Systems.