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Do you want to change the icons of your folder? Folder iChanger is package to change usual icon of hard drives, folders, and flash memory into any other more impressive icon. And it is characterized by everlasting change of icons.  But you will perceive that, when transfer your folders to a different computer does not cover Folder iChanger.

It can Change or fix icons of flash memory, folders and hard drives as per your wish. Besides, this tool comprises optional icons non-Windows images. If you wish, you can Ingress icons from the files and Remove icons from the executable files. You can transfer extracted icons or if you agree then you can save as diverse types and extensions. The Folder iChanger can alter the icons to limitless count of folders at similar time, so you can add to your folders into the Folder's List or let the database to hunt inside subfolders and swell them.

You can slog and drip an executable file, folder and even icon by using this software aka Folder iChanger. To get the Shortcut in the perspective menus in case of Windows OS right-click on icon, folder and executable file and use it in the help of the Folder iChanger program. Remember, it supports windows 8 64-Bit systems, where the database can excerpt icons from archives that are constructed on 64-Bit systems.

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