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Flowcharter is a simple flowchart creation software which mainly concentrates on true representation of a flowchart. The program has been designed in such a way that its use is easy and the diagram tools are not very complex. Features as preset data input are very helpful for the user to make flowcharts smoothly. Text can be added to the figures and the shapes change size according to the amount of text. Additional connector dots can be added to the figures at any given point.

An important feature of the Flowcharter is the Container option. The program allows saving the flowchart in a lot of formats like PDF, Image formats, Word, HTML, Powerpoint, Photoshop or EPS files. The software comes with a minimum amount of colour schemes to choose from and has no graphic designs. This enables the user to make a flowchart that is true to its form and not very jazzed up.

The software and the tools are fairly easy to use. The manual that comes with the software is rather difficult, but it is compensated by an online forum. The website also offers PDF documents and answer FAQs for the user to understand the software better. This software is crafted for all who do not like making flashy flowcharts.

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