Youtica Power Copy

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Youtica Power Copy furnishes the user with a special application of a copy environment where the user can make its data backup and recovery process of certain files and folders very easily. The user of the software always has the full access to the entire file system of the application. The program follows the easy method of drag and drop of files directly from the Windows Explorer and if any file or folder is found to be physically damaged or corrupted, the software automatically skips that file without canceling the entire copy process.

The software was developed by the Youtica Inc. Company, which is available in both trial and free version of size 2.95 MB and that can be easily accessible to all the version of Windows. Youtica Power Copy accesses such files, which Windows Explorer even doesn’t allow to be accessed by third party users. The software also helps in recovering a data from a damaged disk of the user’s device, pauses and resumes with appropriate metrics, helps in copying between a local drive and a sharing network and much more. It is not mandatory to run the program in the drive from where the Windows starts operating. The user just needs to start the software from the bootable ISO (downloadable from and the program is ready to use with the backup facility of the user’s data.

Youtica Power Copy comes with a lifetime licensing system that provides free upgrades to every further version of the Youtica Power Copy. The software uses operating tools, which are simple and hence easily understood by the user. This only adds to the time saving tactic of the user. The software tries in the best of its ability to make life and work fun and same the same time fruitful for the user. It is a very efficient program made to benefit the user in the best possible way.