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XL Delete, as the name suggests, is a software or tool, which is provided with a wipe engine that is super powerful, thus having the capacity to delete or erase files permanently, from the users’ computer. The software can permanently remove a wide category of different files, entire and complete folders, cache files, and even other browsers like Firefox, Internet explorer, etc. Thus it is extremely efficient in permanently removing a large number of complicated and space-occupying files and folders. In the general process, when a particular file or folder is deleted, it is sent to the recycle bin, but the hard drive of the system still actually contains the file. Windows conveniently marks the space where that particular file is present on the users’ hard drive and this space is thus not available permanently. By using XL Delete, this problem can be suitably overcome.

Using the normal process of deletion, the deleted file can be suitably undeleted and its actual and original contents can also be viewed. But with XL delete software, this is not allowed. The software uses specialized data that overwrites the original content of the file to be deleted several times, thus preventing data-recovery tools from again undeleting the file or folder.

XL Delete software also has inbuilt features which incorporate a variety of obfuscation techniques, which successfully hide not only the original name of the file, but also the actual file size, thus disabling any kind of data recovery or restoration, preventing any means to undelete the particular file. This software is the easiest and fastest tool for permanent data deletion. This software was first launched in December 2011. it is compatible with all the versions of the operating system of windows. The latest version of this tool also supports better facilities for the cleaning of lengthy journal files.

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