Xbox SmartGlass

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Microsoft is finally doing something that no other developer has ever dreamed of. The brand is trying hard to make phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s work and act as second screens for the much popular Xbox 360. It is a move to integrate these devices with Xbox 360. Xbox SmartGlass is a free for all software meant for the Android and Windows based devices. In order to use the application, people would have to log in using their respective Windows Live ID. The Android and the Windows versions look and feel much the same.

So, how does Xbox SmartGlass function? Well, as you log in, into the software, you would notice the content split into 5 screens. The home screen would reflect the game or movie that is playing on your Xbox. Every time you launch an app or game, the screens would show various information’s about the same. The SmartGlass remote feature would turn your device into a touchscreen controller allowing you to navigate through the menu at ease. The software is linked to Internet Explorer and Bing search tab, both of which would help you find and buy Xbox content, Netflix videos, Blinkbox content and a host of other stuff.

Xbox SmartGlass has made a name for itself owing to the remote feature. The search feature is still in its infancy and would need some time before being considered outright useful. However, the mere fact that Xbox SmartGlass allows people to interact and handle their Xbox 360 right from the comfort of their Smartphone, makes it a handy application. It is true that the software needs a few more features and little more fine-tuning to be considered a phenomenon, but as of now, it works just fine and would indeed appeal to all.