Vista/XP Command Prompt Here

Download Vista/XP Command Prompt Here

In order to open a command prompt and navigate the same to a specified folder consumes a lot of time and makes the mind desensitize at the same time. The Vista/XP Command Prompt Here helps the user to get rid of such a lengthy process and also to consume more time for solving other issues. The software also helps in getting User Account Control and that to with the limitations from inside the Vista workstation. As soon as the user will go for cruising the forums, one will come across to a registry hack which will render Command Prompt Here Administrator Elevated Command Prompt Here which will help in the functionality of folders.

The Vista/XP Command Prompt Here has been developed by the Greysville Company as a freeware software of a size 215 KB and that supports all the version of Windows. The installation process of the software acts differently for both the version of Windows. If the software gets installed in the Vista as an administrator, the user needs to right click the desired folder and then select the Command Prompt which will present a command window with limited rights to the folder which proves that even being the administrator of that workstation the user may not have the admin right to the specified folder. The user can only access the file if the user gets logged in as an admin and then makes a right click on the folder to select the Elevated Command Prompt so as to have the full admin rights on the specified folder.

While if the software gets installed in the XP version of Windows, the user needs to log in as an administrator and then right click on the folder, which will direct the user to the Command Prompt Here and will open a command window as specified by the user for the desired folder. The Vista/XP Command Prompt Here software will prove to be very much helpful for user who requires a prompt action of the desired command for opening any folder in the administrator of the computer.