Virtual Drive Manager

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The Virtual Drive Manager allows the administrator to create virtual drives, and explore the hard disc with maps and consisting items of each file & folder. It may be very small in size, but it is very powerful and reactive. The program Virtual Drive Manager was designed by the Linasoft software development and creative house in the year of 2003. This software is very popular and reputed in the professional level. It was designed with transparent borders, and simple natural settings. The program contains both a utility part and a management part. The disc division, creating a separate platform for the other programs is counted as the utility part of the software.

Thus it is considered in the utility & operating software concern. The management part is connected with the managing ability of the file folders of the total memory system. For this, it is elected in the file management sub-category. The fortunate thing about Virtual Drive Manager is it supports all the windows operating system. From windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT to windows 7, every system is familiar with it. It doesn’t need any other extra files to support it. A suitable operating system is enough for it. Else it requires only about a 1Mb of hard disc space to run itself.

The Virtual Drive Manager can access the whole memory system with its application. The total memory system, along with the virtual and real drives, their folder division and contents product all are been controlled by this program. The process of drive mapping is very similar to the DOS command of SUBST. But the command VDM is much more relevant than the SUBST. the program consists of a good GUI interface with all the latest updated modifications. It stores all the virtual drives created once the computer is shut down. The Virtual Drive Manager is very improved and interesting software to think about.