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Any person or programmer, who has to manage more than one machine at a single time simultaneously, can afford to use Ultra File Search Portable. It saves a lot of time, and works very fast and swift. The program was first designed by StegiSoft software development house in the year of 2012. Ultra File Search Portable is basically a searching program that allows the user to access not only the hard disc, but also an external disc as well as an extra machine too. It has a very swift and smooth operating manual and very transparent designing nature. For this ability, it is counted in every window operating systems. From windows 7, windows ME & windows vista to way back in windows 2000 & windows XP every operating system is familiar with this.

The working principle of Ultra File Search Portable is divided in two parts. The utility part consists of its searching ability help him considered in the utility & operating system software division. The second part, managing the searched functions takes him to the file management sub-category of the system. The most important part is, it requires some additional programs to back up its files. iFilters and the Microsoft Office is a must need in case of use of this program. Else it requires only about 2MB of hard disc space to run itself.

Discussing about the properties of Ultra File Search Portable is quite interesting. While using the software, its user friendliness doesn’t affect the back ground of the monitor, as two programs can be run simultaneously. It provides a full support to the long term paths and Unicode characters. The search option can be done with various parameters, and one can search pin point demands with the help of its advance enhancements. And doing all this, it maintain a splendid beat rate, which is much more than the default search engine has in a operating system.

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