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SuperBeam for PC Windows can be the ultimate choice for android users who are looking at ways to share large files between their devices by using Wi-Fi Direct. This app provides for a number of options for enabling pairing of devices such as by using QR codes since it comes included with QR Code scanner, or NFC. Moreover, it switches automatically to the hotspot mode for devices that do not have support for Wi-Fi Direct. Apart from that, it can also use any existing Wi-Fi network connection between the devices in case of failure of Wi-Fi Direct.

SuperBeam for PC Windows helps in circumventing the need of going through numerous clicks and manual approvals by making the transfer of files a seamless and blazingly fast process. Users can even pair their devices with other devices that do not have this app installed through the web interface. Moreover, this tool allows its users to share single or multiple files of practically any type including photos, zip files, videos, and APKs with utmost ease and convenience.

This app comes with light and dark color themes to suit the aesthetics of its users. Moreover, it provides greater compatibility for restricted Wi-Fi networks by using port 8080 for all the different types of transmissions. This app is extremely useful and is available at bluestack emulator.

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