Download Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

As name suggests Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software is the best software for image file recovery. The main use of this software is to recover deleted or lost photos, videos, songs and other multimedia files from hard drive of your computer. It can recover the lost files from computer recognizable external drives also like external hard drive, memory cards, USB drive, and digital camera and so on. To recover any file from any drive, the software scans the whole device and provides full list of all the multimedia files. It can show all the details of recoverable files of a specific device at a glance in three different views like list view, cover flow view and Thumbnail view. Using this software, you can choose multiple files for recovery from the file list shown by this software.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software has a great property that it supports most of the multimedia file formats. This software also provides the facility of adding headers by manually to the existing list. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery also provides the facility to create image of entire storage device by its ‘Create Image’ feature. This software has a save scan feature, for saving all the information of scanning in a file. You can stop any recovery process at any time as you desire. Using Resume Recovery feature, you can easily continue the previous recovery operation.

The interface of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software is very comfortable for regular as well as advanced users. For advanced users, it has a great option to select the range of any hard drive, where it will perform the desire task. You can also minimize or maximize as per your desire during its operation. This software also has an update option through which you can check for the latest updates at any time.

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