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If you have not enough space in your primary hard drive for all the software you need for daily work, you must choose the Steam Mover. The newly designed software is good enough for moving the software installed in your computer and you use them in day to day basis. It requires another secondary hard drive, may be internally installed or joined externally. Though it is able to move all types of software but it is optimized for the games in your computer, which was the original purpose of the production of this software.

Steam Mover was developed for the hardcore gamers. These people download numerous games of large sizes and require high graphics. Steam Mover has the capability to move all these game from their primary hard drives and, making space for the people to download more and more game to the emptied space. The software is optimized for the games, although you can use it for moving other applications too. This can be done very easily only by changing the directory path of the source folders.

Once you have selected the target source folder, then you have only to wait a moment as the software is able to list all the other necessary associated folders or information required to move the selected files. Immediate after the selection procedure, the application makes a link with the new folder that you have designated as the new secondary folder the file being removed. So you can assume that the application should be applicable to all such programs. As the selection has been done, you have to click the right arrow button on the screen and then the files will be moved to your new designated folder. If you did some wrong selection of the folder that you don’t need to move, you can brought then back to the initial folder simply by clicking the left arrow on the screen.